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Solar News

Well I suppose I should tell you about my blog changes. I have now featured at least six pages by topic at the top of my blog so that you all might be able to easier find relevant information on rechargeable, batteries, Electric Vehicles, and Solar News, of course there is still a link to the Honeywell Story and my about the author page as well.

I will be featuring all of the older Solar news here, new stories are always bound to follow as well.

Heterojunction to be the next biggest craze in the solar world? 10/1/2012

Paolo Corrada has deveoped a solar powered air conditioner 9/11/2012

Invisible Solar Cells 7/21/2012

Bsolar's double faced panels 7/13/2012

Thin Film Solar-- it is the way of the future available for you to use today! 7/12/2012

We need more solar, not less 6/8/2012

What is CIGS? 6/8/2012

Germany is now the world leader in electricity generated by solar technology 6/7/2012

Organic Solar cells 6/5/2012

IBEW Local 1 installed solar panels at the new Busch Stadium 5/14/2012

The solar industry is going through a rapid expansion 5/1/2012

Heliatek released its organic solar panels for window applications 4/23/2012

An article which I have been reading talks about PVs 4/21/2012

Another new development in the world of PVs 4/21/2012

New 1.9µm Solar Cell Thinner Than Spider Silk 4/19/2012

Safeco Field Solar Panels Can Be Tracked By Mariners Fans Inside Ballpark 4/8/2012

Solar Trust of America files for bankruptcy protection 4/5/2012

SunPower's Maxeon solar cells 3/30/2012

Prices set to drop on solar panels 3/28/2012

Solar3D Claims New Solar Cells 200% More Efficient Than Standard Ones 3/23/2012

A Solar Power Plant that produces electricity 24X7! 3/16/2012

More efficient solar cells? 3/14/2012

Australia-Korean collaborating on solar technology 3/9/2012

Scientist have reported the first solar cell which producing more electrons in photocurrent than solar photons entering cell 2/27/2012

Newest, most efficient solar panel redux 2/18/2012

The newest, most efficient solar panel to date using gallium arsenide 2/17/2012

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