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Friday, March 16, 2012

A Solar Power Plant that produces electricity 24X7!

Gemasolar has just released information on their discovery. I know that if you have been reading along with my blog posts, I told you about how solar energy could be used to produce steam for boilers. Well, lo and behold did I not find the first company who has developed such technology and implemented it-- Gemasolar.

This is key to producing solar plants that will work when we need it to-- like at night and on cloudy days. It is a 19.9 MW baseload power station--- it is the first baseload solar plant to my knowledge. Unfortunately, it is in Andalusia, Torresol in Spain, where is the industrial might of the sleeping giant now? Why have we let every other nation get ahead of us in such discoveries?

You can read about it by going here.

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