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About Me

My qualifications along with my health problems

Just a little info about me-- I am an electrical engineer as well as an electrician. IBEW 702 is my home local. But I have done much more than my degrees and apprenticeship speak for, and for this I owe a debt of gratitude to my grandfather, Harry L. Chambers for. For if I had not inherited his innate ability to work on things as if it was nothing, I would be just that-- NOTHING! But alas I must say I am now disabled thanks to this disease known as Multiple Sclerosis and therefore spend my days blogging about advancements in things such as alternative energy-- you know things such as wind, solar, as well as tidal power-- but I also blog about all things related to EV's (Electric Vehicles), their vattery and battery management systems, etc. I like to describe this place as a blog to come to find out about all things green in nature.

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