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EV (Electric Vehicle) News

Well I suppose I should tell you about my blog changes. I have now featured at least six pages by topic at the top of my blog so that you all might be able to easier find relevant information on rechargeable, batteries, Electric Vehicles, and Solar News, of course there is still a link to the Honeywell Story and my about the author page as well.

I will be featuring all of the older Electric Vehicle news here, new stories are always bound to follow as well.
There is a petition at the whitehouse for DIY electric car conversions 9/25/2012 9/23/2012

French automakers to go green? 7/29/2012

A plugin hybrid kit 7/28/2012

Probably the biggest name in the EV market, Elon Musk 6/18/2012

Nissan to Start Producing the e-NV200 Electric Van by 2014 6/12/2012

A pragmatic approach to tackling electrical vehicles! 6/6/2012

The Ford C-Max to take on the Prius 5/22/2012

Ebay adds alternative energy vehicles to its listings 5/7/2012

Hybrid bucket trucks? 5/5/2012

Remy International will now supply Enova with its motors along with a few others 3/28/2012

EVs and Hybrids are on the move in relation to gas prices 3/27/2012

Who killed the electric car, and why they did so 3/26/2012

Bob Lutz (GM's CEO) has said EV's are a foregone conclusion 3/18/2012


Ford and Odyne's PHEV (hybrid) F750 3/14/2012

Molecular heat pump for EVs (Electric Vehicles) 3/14/2012

EV charging stations locations 2/21/2012

EV chargers 2/21/2012

California is set to bring the ZEV mandate back 2/17/2012

Electric cars pollute more than petroleum fueled ones do according to the University of Tennessee at Knoxville 2/16/2012

EV Standards, plugs batteries and more 2/16/2012


Pros and Cons of electric vehicles 2/16/2012

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