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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A pragmatic aproach to tackling electrical vehicles!

Were you aware that according to Wikipedia this nation has 41,782 miles of interstate highway? Why would it be so hard to install one of the ChadDemo at every mile of it? It would be so simple, but I have my doubts about anything like this being done. Primarily because we have given in to the corporations far too much. I fear that nothing like this will ever happen given the state of affairs that DC is now embroiled in.

As was mentioned in the prelude to their show this week, the folks over at EVTV along with the help of one of their viewers has developed a goal for this project.EVTV You see they have figured out if they place one ChadEmo charger at every mile of interstate that we now have in this country you can easily figure out how much of a no-brainer this one is.

Besides curing their distance anomaly, which is not really an issue for EV drivers, this would solve the issue of availability of charging locations. It is a really neat idea, but I am afraid that getting anyone in congress to go along with it slim to none at best! But we need to desperately get behind this option and see that it is brought to fruition.

And, by the way, if you want to see the discussion that I am speaking of, it would behoove you to fast forward to about the twenty minute mark.

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