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Battery News

Well I suppose I should tell you about my blog changes. I have now featured at least six pages by topic at the top of my blog so that you all might be able to easier find relevant information on rechargeable, batteries, Electric Vehicles, and Solar News, of course there is still a link to the Honeywell Story and my about the author page as well.

I will be featuring all of the older battery news and information here; new stories are always bound to follow as well.

Rice University has managed to make yet another improvement for rechargeable batteries 9/24/2012

Toshiba's Super-Charge Ion Battery (SCiB) set to go on sale this fall 8/21/2012

Lithium ion battery that could be charged in under a minute? 8/22/2012

Zinc Air Batteries to come in 2013! 7/30/2012

Nanophosphate EXT batteries by a123 7/16/2012

Lithium Nickel Colbalt Aluminum Oxide batteries 6/16/2012

New EV Battery Case from NTS Works Makes Replacing Individual Faulty Elements a Breeze, Lowers Price 6/6/2012

According to this article, battery prices for EV experienced a 14% drop 4/19/2012

A123 Battery Company is now trading at $0.82 a share! 4/7/2012

3M investing in development and manufacturing of anode technology 3/18/2012

BASF licensing LiFePO4+C from Montreal University and Hydro-Qu├ębec 3/18/2012

The secret to Envia's success thus far 3/11/2012

Sodium ion batteries revisited 3/8/2012

ENVIA Battery technology & Argonne National Laboratories 3/4/2012

Aqueous Lithium batteries in our future 2/29/2012

Tesla Motors CEO Foresees EV Battery Prices Will Soon Drop Under $200 per Kilowatt 2/27/2012

Marion Rickard, EV conversions, and A123 Lithium cells and battery packs 2/27/2012

Sodium ion batteries, Na-ion 2/23/2012

EV Battery technology symposium to be held next week 2/23/2012

Silica Based Batteries-- the thing of the future now today? 2/15/2012

Nickel and Lithium based battery technology 2/14/2012

History and mechanics of an Alkaline Battery 2/10/2012

History and mechanics of a Dry Cell Battery 2/10/2012

How a lead acid battery works 2/10/2012

The Lithium ion rat race? 2/8/2012

Improved Lithium-based batteries 2/7/2012

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