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Monday, February 27, 2012

Tesla Motors CEO Foresees EV Battery Prices Will Soon Drop Under $200 per Kilowatt

I could not help but to write a story about this. Apparently, he is not the only one who sees an upcoming decline in batteries neither. The US Energy Secretary says we will see an 87.5% decline in battery prices by 2020. Additionally, Tesla Motors Director of Battery Technology gives away their secrets in an interview to TechOn. In it he details how they built the 56kwh battery out of 6831 lithium ion laptop batteries. For more on Tesla's inventions you can go here to read more about it. Additionally, you can go here to learn more about what the energy secretary has to say about batteries, their technology, and the impending decrease in price. And if you want to learn more yet about what Tesla Motors CEO, Elon Musk has to say about the impending drop in prices of batteries you can follow this link. He predicts that we shall soon see batteries priced under $200 per kilowatt! Whether this is merely wishful thinking on the part of Tesla's CEO or whether this is the 'real deal' so to speak only time will tell.

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