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Monday, February 27, 2012

Marion Rickman, EV conversions, and A123 Lithium cells and battery packs

In all of my incessant searching here in cyberspace I have discovered a gentleman who does not live too far from me who has been involved in EV conversions. I believe this gentleman's name is Marion Rickard and he is doing interesting things in the world of EV's. I would really like to chat with him about his endeavors as he is only about an hour away from me here in Metropolis, IL. But not only is he into creating EV's but he is also experimenting with the A123 corporation's Lithium Ion cells, in an attempt to make battery packs. Now A123 is actually an American company, with its stock traded on the NASDAQ under 'AONE' I believe. I applaud Mr. Rickard for using American made products. But it is evident from listening to his videos he is in constant contact with the Chinese also. And Mr. Rickard reports in the first video I watched that people from all around the globe have been in contact with him about their like-minded EV conversions. You can see his website here and his blog here. I say good for you Mr. Rickard, and if an electrical engineer could ever be of assistance to you do not hesitate to contact me Send Mail to me here.

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