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Monday, February 27, 2012

Scientist have reported the first solar cell which producing more electrons in photocurrent than solar photons entering cell

Scientists from the National Renewable Energies Laboratory, NREL released this discovery back in December of 2011. You can see the full report here. According to their work, they have achieved 114% in external quantum efficiency. While this may sound daunting to all of you reading this, external quantum efficiency is nothing more than 'the number of electrons flowing per second in the external circuit of a solar cell divided by the number of photons per second of a specific energy (or wavelength) that enter the solar cell.' All solar cells to date have not broken the 100% barrier until now. The secret to the NREL's breakthrough is known as MEG, or Multiple Exciton Generation. The key to all of this is that a single absorbed photon of appropriately high energy can produce more than one electron-hole pair per absorbed photon. If you want to read more about this process you should click on the link contained in this story.

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