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Monday, July 16, 2012

Nanophosphate EXT batteries by a123

Well battery manufacturer a123, while it has been plagued with problems in recent years, has just came out with a novel idea. See, up until now, all lithium battery technologies required the use of either heating or cooling to make the batteries last.

The heating was necessary on cold days when below freezing temperatures existed. This was easy enough to take care of by either installing a heater on your EV or alternatively by storing it in a heated garage.

The cooling became necessary on days like we have had around here up until this week, with ambient temperatures over 100 degrees outside. Add to this the internal heat that the batteries inherently produce through going through their discharge phase, cooling would become very necessary for the battery compartment as well.

Well, with the introduction of Nanophosphate EXT batteries, which have a different chemical composition of regular lithium ion batteries, a123 may just have the problem solved!

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