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Sunday, March 11, 2012

The secret to Envia's success thus far

Well ever since learning about Envia's battery I have tried to find out all that I could about it. There is really not much info out there on it-- believe me I have tried to find it. Apparently they must be keeping their electrolyte as a 'trade secret' because little info is out there on it. But I will report here what I can, and please feel free to offer me anything additional that you might know.

First of all their 400 wh/kg employs a novel cathode and anode design. The cathode is a HCMR (high capacity manganese rich) and the anode is a Si-C (silicon carbon) design. You can read more about it here.

The key to their batteries is that they were able to raise the cell's voltage higher than had ever been achieved before. This was the key way that they were able to set this new record for batteries (400 kwh/kg). If you want to read more about this I would suggest that you start here. Now I have not really been able to find out what this 'new electrolyte' is, and I would appreciate anyone telling me what they know about this.

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