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Thursday, February 23, 2012

EV Battery technology symposium to be held next week

It appears some, but not all of the major players in the EV technology will meet next week in London. You can see a piece on it here. What this is is a major EV battery technology symposium with many of the name brand players attending, such as Porsche, Astin Martin, Nissan, Renault etal. What seems to be missing is representation from 'the big three' automakers. This leads me to wonder weather or not Ford, GM, and Chrysler have been left out of this conference, or just decided not to attend. It is rather sad if you ask me because the age of the electric vehicle is upon us and unless they get on board in short order will be left out in the storm so to speak. This symposium's stated objectives are: Improving Energy Density, Power & Range, & To Improve The Performance Of Mass Market EVs. As well as focusing on global cost reduction.

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