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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Lithium ion rat race?

Where do I even start this. Well first off while the LiPF6 plant I have been talking about for weeks on my blog may indeed be a laudable undertaking, it is not without its own faults. The two stories I brought you this morning shared something in common. If you remember they were both about rechargeable batteries, and improvements on that front. Well this information brought out the researcher in me.

And boy oh boy did I find a plethora of research and discoveries out there. The topic of rechargeable batteries is so vast. There have been developments from every major player in the game. There have been a few by the United States. There have been just as many from nations such as china, germany, japan, france, and even israel. The list truly goes on and on. But all this research had a common theme-- most were for vehicle applications.

Now I had to ask myself when was the last time the World has seen such research and discovery on this scale? Perhaps the atomic age I thought to myself. But this fact has far greater implications.

If you take into account that the two most populated nations on earth-- China and India are coming into the age of affordable vehicles this is grievous news indeed. I mean if you equipped them with automobiles (numbers per capita) like we have here in the USA we would run the earth out of petroleum in a matter of years.

So, this blog is going to take a slightly different stance in light of this. I believe I will start out by giving everyone a lesson on batteries, be them alkaline, or lead acid ones. I may even make a few videos taking said batteries apart to show you all how they are made. Then after we have a bit of schooling on the subject I will then begin talking about the advancements being made in the rechargeable arena.

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