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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Silica Based Batteries-- the thing of the future now today?

I know I said I was going to finish up my battery series. But some recent advancements in the battery field have just came to my knowledge. These advancements all revolve around silica. See, there was a new discovery in silica based technology. It was offered up by the Israelis in collaboration with Prof. Digby Macdonald at Penn State. According to their research it may offer up an exciting type of battery. One that transforms back into sand when it is discharged. Their website says that it could be used for hearing aid batteries, and would last a lot longer than present hearing aid batteries.Press Release here

I believe this type of battery could appropiately be named 'silicone air battery'. There is very little info on such batteries as is evidenced by this wiki page:Wiki Page on Silicon Batteries

Now after learning about this battery, I spent several hours online searching for silica based batteries. And what do you know, I found a company in China which makes batteries that utilize silica. Now you can go here to see these Chinese batteries:Chinese Silica Based Batteries Now something I should note while this website calls itself silicone batteries USA, this is just the retailer who is selling these things in the states. Furthermore as best as I can tell it is not the same technology used by the Israelies, etal. The best I can tell they replaced sulfuric acid with silica in their batteries.

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