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Thursday, February 16, 2012

EV Standards, plugs batteries and more

Like I allude to yesterday, there are some standards set up already for electric vehicles. One such standard is the J1772 plug. Here is a picture of such a plug
Image of a j1772 plug for use with electric vehicles
This plug was adopted here in the United States for a charging connector. Now it goes without saying these chargers meet several UL standards and their installation is covered by the National Electric Code, NEC for short. Now while I reported yesterday on the fact that the Nissan Leaf reports one of their chargers with a higher ampacity than the others. I still have not been able to confirm this fact. It may be that in the future, as it says on their PDF document, it could support rapid charging up to eighty amps and they just have not come out with such a charger just yet.

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