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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Ford C-Max to take on the Prius

James Farley is heading up Ford's C-Max after coming there from Toyota himself. Fresh to Ford after the failed exhibition of the Scion line. He has said that the C-Max will offer full functionality as far as electric vehicles are concerned.

Farley has his work cut out for him. The hybrid market is quite a fierce one at this time. The reason why Farley has his eyes set on the Prius is that it is the only hybrid which has been developed and marketed accordingly. So, he has his eyes on the leader in this hybrid game. Will he succeed or not?

Now there are a lot of figures I could recapitulate to you but, I choose instead to let you read the article for yourselves. And the C-Max is said to start out at about $26,000!

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