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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Bob Lutz (GM's CEO) has said EV's are a foregone conclusion

Where to even begin-- well first of all do you know about the EV-1? See the EV-1 was GM's first electric car. It was never offered for sale; you could only test it if you were one of the lucky few. In the end, maybe GM catered to big oil, because they rounded most of them up and smashed them. As Bob Lutz was quoted in the film The Revenge of the Electric Car and I am quoting him here the electric car is a foregone conclusion.

But I would have to ask him whether it has been a foregone conclusion since like 1995 or so. Apparently they had a fully functional model back in the 90's. And thanks to laptop manufacturers (mainly in China) we now have better battery technology.

Hell I believe they could make a whole course on marketing about the EV1; it should be titled how not to market something which the public clearly wants. I mean their owners were tickled to death with the cars. I have yet to encounter a person who was not in love with their EV1.

So my question to all the big wigs over at GM is this: Why would you scrap a car that got excellent reviews? Furthermore, why would you seemingly not pay any attention to your customers who said it was an excellent vehicle? I mean what ever happened to the mantra of give the customers what they want?

To show you just how much our battery technology has advanced this car was fitted with either lead acid batteries or NiMH batteries. The lead acid was the heftiest of the two, weighing in at 3,086 lb, whereas the NiMH weighed just 2,908 lb. I am curious to know how much it would have weighed with Lithium ion batteries. Is there anyone here who would like to take an educated guess for me?


  1. The irony is that Lutz is a major, influential climate change denier. He's not going to do anything that addresses lowering CO2 emissions unless he's mandated to do so. The EV-1 existed because of California's mandates at the time. Customer satisfaction was secondary.

  2. Yes, but he also claims to be an environmentalist at the same time

  3. Anyone can claim to be an environmentalist. Actions speak louder than words.