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Monday, May 7, 2012

Ebay adds alternative energy vehicles to its listings

Ebay has expanded their automobile line to include evs, hybrids, cng, and hydrogen fueled cars Compliments of Jack Ricard. Below is the Ebay page which shows you such alternative vehicles.
gra[hic of ebay's alternative energy offerings in the world of vehicles

As Jack himself would say this has been a long time in the coming. I applaud Ebay for doing such as this is still at this time an emerging market. But you know what they say, the early bird gets the worm.

As I have already stated, the early bird gets the worm, as this industry is still in its infancy. I so wish them (Ebay) and ALL automobile manufacturers all the luck in the world. As an electrical engineer myself I find it deplorable that electric cars haven't been experimented with until recently, that is besides the ones you could have gotten a hundred years ago. Tesla, the father of our electric system, himself 'tinkered' with electric cars at one point in his life.

But the thing is to me technology has advanced much farther than the electric car. I see a perfect fit for many of the advances that the electric and electronic have made over the last hundred years. And as we slowly make this change these gizmos of which I am speaking of will go down greatly in cost making electric vehicles more competitive-- that is if the petroleum industry keeps their noses out of it, which will be quite a trick to accomplish given their history.

But this is an even greater reason why I believe we should embrace thorium as a nuclear energy. It will not 'melt down' as uranium does, and could actually be used to rid us of uranium as well as plutonium. Imagine it, surpluses of energy to charge our cars with all the while powering everything that is currently powered with coal. This seems like the biggest 'win-win' situation in history. But the petroleum and coal industries among others is the reason why we do not have such technology today. So I say kudos go out to Ebay for their efforts to include alternative energy automobiles.

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