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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

EVs and Hybrids are on the move in relation to gas prices

Why does the price of hybrid cars seem to coincide with the price of gas in the springtime? I mean if anything I would think the price should stay relatively flat, but that is not what is happening.

I get that as demand increases so should the price of said cars. It is after all the American way as demand for a product goes up so should the average price paid per hybrid cars should also increase. But if this is what the market sees, as Jack Rickman said on his last show, we are indeed living in interesting times.

And of course if you are into reading more about this subject you can do so by going here. But as a cautionary note I would say that right now is not the time to by either a total EV or even a hybrid. You see the market is cyclical like so many of our markets are-- so I would caution you against buying one of these vehicles unless you have money to burn. But for the average consumer I would advise to wait and see what the market does in the next year or more.

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