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Sunday, September 23, 2012

ebuggy to revolutionize EV's?

Well I just had to report about the ebuggy, because you see its approach is oe that has never been tried before. You see, battery technology is about the only thing holding up the EV markets. And many of you that regularly read my blog should know the battery industry is coming out with new developments nearly every week. Here is a photo of said ebuggy:
ebuggy, essentially a trailer with a rechargeable battery on a trailer.  Photo compliments of the greenoptimistic website
One thing which the ebuggy brings to the EV market is the ability to simply switch out the battery pack, which requires shorter time than filling up your gas tank with fuel. That is what makes the ebuggy different. But it would also require that drivers be very aware that they are essentially towing a battery behind them. This is the only downfall I could see with this idea. It would require that the drivers of EVs equipped with ebuggy's be very aware that they are towing a trailer with a battery on it.

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