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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ford and Odyne's PHEV (hybrid) F750

Ford has teamed up with Odyne to make a F750 PHEV (plug in hybrid). Odyne is known for producing 'large hybrid trucks', so it seems to me like a match made in heaven. The truck as presented at the 2012 truck show recently. It sports a 346V battery thanks to Johnson controls, and at 14.2kWh its a pretty hefty battery. But the thing about this truck is you can also sport an additional battery to make it run longer on the work site. And the battery is liquid cooled by the way.

The thing about this PHEV is its cost, but the makers swear as gas reaches the $4/gal mark this truck will be competitive. For its price of $100,000 it better be competitive. Unfortunately I have no more info on this truck. Like they call it a hybrid-- so what is the internal combustion engine that it sports?

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