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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Heliatek recently revealed its organic window solar panels

As the title says Heliatek recently revealed its organic window solar panels. Heliatek is a German based corporation by the way.

But this new design relies on an organic LEDs (light emitting diodes) similar to what is used for TV displays for flat screen displays and cell phones. This type of solar panel is much lighter than any current solar panel on the market.

Heliatek, based in Dresden, Germany and is funded by Bosch as well as BASF. And BASF by the way was founded by Bosch whenever Bosch discovered the Haber-Bosch Process to manufacture nitrogen during World War I because Germany had exhausted their supply of nitrogen to make into bombs. But these days, this process essentially allows us to feed the world-- nitrogen is key to many crops' health.

And according to this article Thibaud de Segullion, Heliatech's CEO has gone on record as saying that in four to five years they should be able to manufacture such panels for forty to fifty cents a watt!

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