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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Turkey to receive 100 of GE's most efficient wind turbines

Yes you read that correctly, Turkey will soon be receiving one hundred of GE's (General Electric) most efficient wind turbines. I believe that this means some of 1.5 megawatt versions. The turbines are made in one of GE's factories in Salzbergen, Germany.

Some of you may be wondering why in the heck would Turkey be getting these wind turbines instead of another country. Well the answer to such question lies in how much potential Turkey has for wind turbines; which stands to be about 48,000 megawatts. Such a move by GE only makes sense after you factor into it the massive wind power potential that lies in Turkey.

The project – Tayakadin – was started by Fina Enerji in Istanbul and is looking forward to ensuring that 14,000 Turkish households get the right amount of electricity. The country wants to install 20,000 MW by the year 2023, but so far the Tayakadin project stands for only 50 out of the country’s total amount of 1,800 MW. A very lofty goal indeed.

For more information on such project I urge everyone to look here or even here for even much more information about the project. And the second link actually contains pictures of these turbines. They are simply massive beasts. And for the record my senior design project was developing a substation for just this size turbine. At the time the (four years ago) information was much more lacking than it is right now.

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