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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

As I recently posted on another blog the solar industry is rapidly evolving

The solar industry seems to be rapidly evolving. Their main concentration is on efficiency and price. So today's article seems like a no-brainer to me. You see it is all about how microscopic wrinkles may improve solar's efficiency.

And it seems as though it may improve it a great deal. Traditional solar cells can only handle a small part of the spectrum og light which it receives. But not with this technique as it increases the usable spectrum by a full 600%. Now it gets a little technical here so I will tr to dumb it down for everyone. They are able to do this trick, if you will, by subjecting the wafer to ultraviolet light while the adhesive is curing. This new curing process is what makes the wrinkles develop i the wafer itself.

And not surprisingly it has boosted the overall efficiency of the solar panel to a whopping 47%, which is a lot by solar panel comparison to their competition. You can read more about it Microscopic folds increase the spectrum absorption by a full 600% boosting the panels efficiency to 47%

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