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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Germany now leads the world in solar electricity

Which is more troubling to you, either the fact that Germany now leads the world with 22 gigawatts of solar energy, or the fact that America pales in comparison? Where is all of that good old American ingenuity with this one now? Perhaps it just died away as the good paying jobs have also done.

We could have been at the crossroads with solar and EV technology. But there has been quite the contentious scene in Washington D.C. ever since the TEA Party and their backers the Koch brothers vowed to un-elect Obama. Will they succeed in their task, or will they just get this shoved in their faces like has been done before by team Obama?

And my reading on this story includes many, many articles. So, I just thought I would list two of them here: The first article about solar electricity and The second like to solar electricity.

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