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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Well, I have another new development to tell you about in relation to PV ( photovoltaics)

Well this time PV have been improved by the Germans and the Australians. Here is what informed me of this finding.

They claim to be able to make solar panels with a 40% efficiency rating. It does not give the overall efficiency though, bur by my calculations, their overall efficiency would have to be about 30% then. Now this figure was obtained by taking NREL (national renewable energies lab) maximum efficiency for a single solar cell which was 20% and multiplying that figure by one hundred forty percent.

According to the article which I linked to earlier in this article they were able to achieve this efficiency by taking two red photons and combining them to create one yellow photon. Of course the problem with red photons are they are very energy deficient. But yellow is energy abundant.

I am very much unsure if this includes ultraviolet light yet. But if it does it would mean that said cell is actually capable of producing electricity even on a cloudy day. See, that is how you can get a sunburn on a cloudy day-- because the ultraviolet light is what gives you the sunburn.

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