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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Centralia, PA coal fire has been raging under ground now for 50 years!

You might not be aware that there has been a fire raging underground for over fifty years now, and it is still burning! This fire was directly started by the town. You see, it was their fire at their dump which led to an exposed coal seam to become ignited.

It was fifty years ago on a Sunday that this took place. A town of at least 1,400 people essentially vanished because of this fire. From Route 61 to plumes of sulfur dioxide reminants can still be seen there.

While most of the residents have abandoned this town about ten still remain to the butter end. I can see where they are coming from wanting to keep the place that they called home still home to them.

Since 1990 the state has used eminent domain in order to evacuate the people. This fire was started memorial day weekend of 1962 bu the town fire department who had set a fire at the town dump in order to tidy up for memorial day.

Here is a video which you can view about Centralia, PA and this fifty year old fire:

And here is a link to the wiki page about Centralia, PA for further reference.
And here is a link to the Huff Post for even further reference for those of you who wish to see it.

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