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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

2011 Global CO2 Emissions Reach Record Level, Led By China

According to this article right here, China leads the world in CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions. While this is not surprising to me, but it should make everyone else take another look at global warming.

Despite what everyone is claiming global warming is real. The only question remaining is whether or not we have reached the tipping point. But based on the weather events for the past year alone, I believe we have far passed the tipping point myself.

I mean if you factor in the flooding, the drought we are now going through and tornadoes like we had this spring everyone should be able to draw the same conclusions. But the main point here is, despite the US and European efforts, there are a lot more countries contributing to this global epidemic now. Starting off the list is China, followed closely behind them are the otherBRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, ans South Africa).

All of these countries have an emerging middle class-- kind of reminiscent of the America of the 1950's! Hopefully they can all help by designing the technologies which we have failed to develop here. I am of course talking about things like the Thorium and LFTR technology which could have been huge here-- but instead of developing this technology here in the US most of this technology has been sold off to China etal.

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