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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Volvo's 22kw fast charger

Well Volvo has a new 22kw charger for electric cats which it is now developing. While the 22kw charger pales in comparison to the Tesla fast charger which is 90kw. In other words this pales in comparison to a Tesla fast charger. But the charging time is said to be ninety minutes with this fast charger by Volvo.

But something which is not usually pointed out in all of the articles and discussions with chargers-- we still do not have a standard for such. And, I myself, think I know the real reason why. See, I know several people in the DIY world that say they can make a much smaller cable than 2/0 copper to handle 200 amps. And as most of you who know me should know, I say this is a code violation. I do not know what the answer is, but we really need to be looking into this fact to see if we can't find some sort of rectification to this issue.

Everyone is usually hesitant to adopt an electric car because of this alleged rand anxiety. Well to me and people in the know more than I am, there is no basis in fact for this range anxiety feeling that most consumers have. In fact that was talked about in this article about Volvo's fast charger which they now have in development.

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