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Friday, November 30, 2012

Toyota's magnesium ion battery, will it out do Li-ion?

Well, it is with great reluctance that I bring news of this article to you. As was pointed out in this article, Toyota has done almost no research in the lithium ion market.

But as was pointed out very early on in this article, magnesium can hold almost twice the charge that lithium can. Now upon coming across this article, I forwarded it to a friend which I have in the industry to get his input on this news (that of Mg-ion) but to date he has not gotten back with me about this new development.

Now, I know for a fact that manufacturers have been researching the rechargeable battery for well over ten years now. The thing that would make magnesium more attractive to manufacturers than lithium is one that it can hold twice the charge, but also has a higher energy density to lithium.

Well, with lithium approaching the energy density of gasoline, and now we have magnesium in the mix, we could very soon see a battery that not only approaches the energy density of gasoline, but may actually exceed that of gasoline!

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