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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Upset because you will not be able to purchase a 100 watt bulb after January 1, well look here

Ok so I know by now that most of you are infuriated with the fact that production and sales of 100 watt lightbulbs will be ceased on January 1, 2013. Well to this fact I would have to say that there is an affordable alternative. And what I mean by affordable alternative is that you could buy yourself an LED lightbulb.

Not LED lightbulbs have gotten kind of a bad name. Primarily because the Chinese have fooded the market with cheap bulbs. And, of course, I have tried out many of them. Problem is that none of the Chinese knock offs can compare to an American made LED bulb.

While most of the Chinese bulbs I have bought were miserable failures, none of my American made ones have failed-- they are still burning just as brightly as the day when they were new. Now there are two great advantages of using LED bulbs. The first being that the fact of them (LED bulbs) burn much less energy when compared to conventional bulbs. The other thing being, if (and I cannot stress this enough) you actually buy American made bulbs they can have a lifetime of 30+ years or more.

One other huge advantage of LED bulbs over CFL bulbs is that they do not necessitate a hazardous clean-up crew should you drop them. That is correct, CFLs contain mercury and if you should drop and break one of them you really need a hazmat crew to preform the clean-up for you. With LEDs the need for a hazmat crew completely goes away-- they are made from a semiconductor material, primarily silicon or germanium. Si and Ge are rather innocuous compounds and do not present the threat that mercury does!

Now I am writing this today because I have received tons of emails about American made LED lightbulbs. This is just one of the emails which I have received. And it is more or less an ad for Central Lighting which is based out of Ohio. But I also received this article which talks about the fact that they are discontinuing 100 watt energy hogs next year. So, like it or not LED bulbs are here to stay and will get much better over time.


  1. Good article, I just have a few points. the 100 watt incandescent costs about a dollar burns 100 watts of energy, and lasts usually less then a year. The 100 watt equivalent Compact Fluorescent burns 23 watts and lasts maybe 7 years. The 100 watt equivalent USA made LED burns 10 watts and costs $54-$100 and may last 35 years. The incandescent and the cfl are like a dollar a year, the led is $1.50-$2.85 a year. The trick I find is when to adopt LED's? The price is going to come down sooner or later.

  2. Well bro, you forgot to factor in the 35% tax rebate you would get for buying LEDs. What this amounts up to in short is that the LEDs would cost you well under $18. Now I do not know how this would figure into your math because you did not share your computations with everyone. But being as they would be roughly thirty-six percent of the costs that you have erroneously stated here I would have to surmise that the cost of running one would also be 36% of the price which you have quoted here-- in other words $0.54 a year!