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Friday, November 16, 2012

Beijing offering incentives to fleet operators who buy EVs!

Well, Beijing may be on to something here-- with their incentives given to fleet operators to purchase EV's (electric vehicles). See, BYD, a Chinese automaker, who makes EV's mat stand to profit greatly from this move.

And like a very good friend of mine took issue with the statements in this article about how EV's would be a great fit for taxis and buses. Well as it turns out, the reason why EV's are a perfect fit for this market is because of the constant stop and go driving which these fleets routinely see. In such stop and go driving an EV is far superior to its internal combustion counterparts.

This step by the Chinese government could go a very long way in helping to cure the Chinese problems with pollution. Now the only the only thing for Beijing to do is cut out their dirty coal fired powerhouses and go to somethig much more eco-friendly like solar and wind!

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