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Monday, October 22, 2012

When geoengineering goes rogue?

Well, I just recently finished reading this article which is aptly named 'When geoengineering goes rogue. See, this group of scientists surely mean well; but the problem therein lies.

You see, Russ George, a California businessman, has been seeding the ocean with plankton in hopes that it might serve as a carbon sink. As I said from the outset of this article, when geoengineering goes rogue is exactly what has happened in this case. How could using plankton to trap carbon be bad?

It is all too often the case with issues of this nature that the waters become very muddied from the outset. What is all of this carbon being sequestered in the waters of our oceans going to mean? Furthermore, I believe very little scientific studies have been done on carbon's affects to our oceans will have.

While a rather novel idea on its face, sequestering carbon may bring more trouble than it fixes!

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