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Monday, August 20, 2012

The US's addiction to oil

You know as I was searching the web for stories to write about, I ran across this article about our obsession with oil.

There is no doubt that we are really addicted to this stuff, but there is no reason why we should be anymore. With recent advances in the way of batteries, etal we have the technology to go with an all green alternative. But the process of doing so might just be a little painful, that is until we get set up for it.

Thanks to Envia we now have lithium ion batteries which are as energy dense as gasoline. And thanks to companies EOS Energy Storage we now have something which is more energy dense than lithium ions ever dreamed about being.

But until we as a society are ready to embrace these technologies, we will continue to see our lands raped and pillaged by the fossil fuel energy industry!

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