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Monday, July 9, 2012

The PTC for wind power?

You know I have been barraged by a virtual plethora of articles about the PTC for wind power. While at the same time I have gotten articles on a group of investors who are betting hugely on Wind in Michigan.

So my question is this are these just a set of investors who are hedging their bets, or do they in fact not care if the PTC is expanded. It is indeed a crazy world out there right now.

Now with all of this said, I am very much in favor of them extending the PTC. But at the same time I believe that congress should do this as a means to help out homeowners to help offset the costs of installing wind generation in their back yards.

What I do not want to see happen is a pro corporate PTC tax credit to being placed. For instance did you know or realize that after depreciating the cost of a turbine that said company can then sell the turbine to a second company, who can then use the PTC and depreciate it again! This type of nonsensical tax code does nothing but pad the pockets of the corporations. We need to end this practice once and for all-- only giving the PTC to landowners, not corporations!

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