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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Russia's hidden artic nightmare

This is the exact reason why we need to be careful of everything we allow big oil to do in the artic. It is a deplorable scene if you ask me. Here is one picture of it:Russia's hidden artic nightmare which shows how polluted the landscape is up there, largely because big oil has polluted it so badly

These pictures were taken from Usinsk which borders the artic, which has the unbelievable title of Russia's oil capital. Of course before oil was found here in the 70's Usinsk was a pristine area; you actually used to be able to drink the water from the river before the oil boom!

But they also visited Kolva, yet another village from the area. The residents of Kolva had quite the macabre story to tell. They contend that big oil more or less destroyed their way of life. They can no longer drink the water from the river nor eat the fish they catch from it. Today the river is more known for transporting ice painted black by oil; in fact today it nearly covers nearly the entire surface.

And if you want to read more about this nightmare here is a link to the story from the Huff Post about it.

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