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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Documentation where Honeywell Employess say the LiPF6 plant will most likely be in Illinois

Attention Jason Hibbs or any other reporter out there.   I explicitly told you yesterday when I broke this story to you that all me and my bro Brett required was that you needed to mention us in your story.  Guess what-- you didn't hold up your end so all press is cutoff from reusing my content as well as my videos.  They will soon be copyrighted and you and the press ha no claim to my intellectual property! 

Ok, so I can only imagine how much flack I'm getting over this Honeywell plant story which I just ran two days ago. But the thing about it is time after time Honeywell themselves have said the plant will most likely be located in Illinois. So I am providing further documentation
Buffalo News story abt the plant
Another news story out of Buffalo
It is important to note that Honewell's site leader for their Buffalo R&D team say, and I quote "Honeywell will likely build a full-scale production plant for the electrolyte salt in Illinois. Furthermore, and I am paraphrasing here 'the synergies present at the Metropolis is second to none. And the part Buffalo plays in this is R&D as evidenced by this graph you can reach here:
What the Social Science Research Classifies both the Metropolis and the Buffalo facilities as
Of particular importance to note from page 46 of this document is the fact that they list Honeywell's Metropolis plant as being their manufacturing facility, while they list their Buffalo as being only for research an development.
Please stay tuned cause I plan on expanding upon this post in the am.
Update 2/1/12 7:54 AM
Ok so it just dawned on me why Honeywell had their lockout for over a year. You see, by forcing the lockout which came to fruition in short order allowed them to conduct environmental impact and other studies for this plant. By locking their employees out it allowed them to do all these studies 'under the radar' if you will with no employees going out and talking about what was going on at the site. I still believe that Honeywell acted in bad faith on their part in their contract negotiations.
What is more is this was 50% paid for by stimulus money. Now I do not have a problem with using stimulus money to either build the plant or to get the product ready for 'prime time' usage if you will. But I definitely believe they should build the remainder of the plant with their own money. The demand should be there, because what WPSD reports this morning verified my original story, but what they did not report on is this plant would be the girst of its kind in the western hemisphere! But if this turns out to be like the Solyndra deal, I believe they should have to make to repairations the government for the money that they have spent. After all it is only fair.

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