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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

John Bradley heading up negotiations on fracking in Illinois!

Yea you read that correctly! John Bradley is in favor of fracking in the state for what he terms 'financial benefit' which will come from it.
Well, this practice of fracking; actually known to the petroleum as hydraulic fracturing could very well be a financial windfall for our state. But think about this for a minute-- have you seen the endless number of people in pro-fracking states such as Pennsylvania and Colorado for instance? In these states the fracking process had ended up in contaminating their groundwater!

I mean for those of you who have not seen this, a good film for you to watch would be the documentary Gasland. This clip is compliments of Rachel Maddow, and the documentary Gasland. I do not know about you, but I would rather my water not erupt into flames as it does n this clip:

I mean groundwater is the only unadulterated resource that we have. But if politicians like Bradley get their way, Illinois will also become a fracking state! And by the way it is no wonder why he is in favor of such-- a quick search at the Illinois State Board of Elections Website, results in finding this out about his contributors as far back as 2011. And by the way you will most likely have to click on the image to see the names that it details, unless you have a huge monitor
First up on the list is Exxon, no surprise there:

And that is only the start as can be seen by this screenshot which was also taken today:
And as can be seen from that particular screen shot, all but two of the donors were oil companies! And Mr. Robert Wilson, who is from Harrisburg, I do not know if he owns any oil properties, but I am certain that he is a stakeholder in at least one coal mine that I am aware of.

And this list is not as populated by oil's interest but it clearly shows a few:

And as I told a good friend of mine, the list goes on:

Now in a perfect world I would say that he should be excused from deciding whether or not to allow fracking in our state! Now, since I am more of a realist, and realize that this will not happen; I would be willing to settle for Representative Bradley to send all of this money back to its source, then perhaps we could get an unbiased point of view. But the question is will he do this and prove to us, his constituents that he is unbiased? Only time will tell!

And just so that everyone knows, Representative Brandon Phelps is also on the dole of the petroleum corporations. But I do not believe he is on the same committee deciding to let fracking happen in this state. But I lay you even odds that he would also be in favor of legalizing it as well, since he has been paid off by them beforehand! I, for one, do not want my groundwater to end up being flammable right out of the tap, but this could very well be the case if the petroleum industry gets their way!

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