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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Mag Lev trains are one of the most efficient modes of transportation

Well, some time ago I had to do a school project on Mag Lev trains. For those of you that do not know what Mag Lev stands for; it means magnetic levitation. There is quite a bit of engineering that goes into a Mag Lev train.

But in short a Mag Lev train has virtually no resistance working against it. The only force that could be said to be working against such a train is the effect of wind upon it. You see Mag Lev trains do not have the standard wheels that most people think of when envisioning trains.

Instead of having wheels like conventional trains do, they rely on magnetic repulsion. In relying on such, the train basically floats along the track. Imagine that-- a train which seems to apparently float on the track! And here is a picture of the Mag Lev train which the Japanese have developed:

And such a train, since it does not have all of the affect of the various resistances that conventional trains do it can travel much faster. In fact according to this article on the train it has a reported speed of 310 mph!

I hope and prey that we in America can join the Mag Lev revolution and develop them here for use on our railroads. Just think about how fast this would make travel for commuters or someone wanting to go across the country. Not to mention if this technology was adopted by the likes of BNSF (which is owned by Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway) or the Canadian National (successor to the Illinois Central) travel time for packages would be greatly reduced!

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