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Monday, November 5, 2012

Solar has seen a 13.2% increase and adds 13k jobs!

Well, the solar foundation has come out with new numbers which show the growth of solar to be 13.2%. That amounts to total job creation for the industry to be 13,872 for the year ending in September 2012. The total number of employees employed by the solar industry to be 119,016. Now these are sluggish numbers, no doubt, but at lest it shows job growth in this sector.

Of course the best thing about this work is that they cannot be outsourced. So, this means that these are all American workers. And this does not take into account how many manufacturing jobs this industry includes. If they are putting up American made solar panels, the number is much higher.

Of course this article credits the jobs expansion to favorable tax policies by the federal government. That and the falling price of the components is attributed largely for the expansion.

And of course added solar capacity for our grid equates to less pollution for us overall. And according to the aforementioned article the current output capacity of all solar in the United States is equivalent to 5.7 GW (yes that means gigawatts, you know the quantity which Doc Brown rather infamously quoted in the Back to The Future movies).

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