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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Harvistor's eggbeater vertical axis wind turbines

Well, this story as been on my radar for at least a month. Harvistor, a Canadian based company has come out with a new VAWT (vertical axis wind turbine) that can produce 35% more killowatts than the current competition with the same swept area and price point. It can also be mounted 25% lower than their competitor's brands.

And I have actually spoken with Harvistor about their turbine's requirements via email. See I was interested in getting the 'physics' statistics on them. You know little things like the wind load etc to determine if my tower would be sufficient to hold one of these things.

DARWIND5 is the name of this new turbine in case any of you were wondering. And here is a picture of it:
The Darwind5 is priced at $6983.8290 US dollars ($6,995 Canadian dollars) for a 1.5 kilowatt unit. But what is new and rather innovative about this turbine's design is that it can produce 35% more power! And if you so desire, more can be read on it here.

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