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Sunday, March 18, 2012

CAP-XX introduces supercap modules to replace batteries in stop-start applications

CAP-XX has introduced us with a new type of capacitor. Its module, referred to as the supercapacitor module, produces enough juice to start a car, truck, or any type of automobile. The thing is with this technology it may make more stop and go car designs simpler to implement.

You can imagine what such technology could bring us in these days with outrageously high gas prices. Just think of how much petro has been wasted on an idling engine.

But the thing I do not get about such technology is what are you going to do about the heating and cooling of said automobile? Perhaps automakers could look to the EV and hybrid market and borrow an idea of theirs. And to what I am referring to is the molecular heat pump that will be coming out shortly for the EV market.

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