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Monday, January 30, 2012

Honeywell Lithium-ion Batteries

Here is a picture of Honeywell's Metropolis Facility as it existed in February of 2012.  Their new LiPF6, Lithium Hexafluorophosphate plant is sited to go to the right of this picture, outside the fence.
All of my hyperlinks are now fixed, so you can click on them and get info on this new plant.

Well today folks it is with great pleasure that I can talk about a potential plant being built right here in Metropolis Illinois which could contribute greatly to our energy independence. I do not know if you caught the quarter page ads which have been in 'The Southern Scene' for the past two weeks or not. And this would go right along with my blog post this past week. The ad said something like something 'electrifying' is coming to town.

Well through my incessant searching I came across a Department of Energy study which was undertaken between Honeywell and the DOE which concerned Lithium-ion batteries. You can obtain a pdf copy of said report here:Download the PDF document here The date of publication of such document was May 11, 2011. At any rate they are definitely looking at one of their industrial sites here in Illinois.

And being as it may, the Honeywell plant they currently have here already uses hydrofluoric acid in the production of UF6. Hydrofluoric acid is a wicked substance and you definitely do not want to get any of it on you as it seeks out the calcium in your body. Hydrofluoric acid is also utilized in the process of making these lithion-ion batteries, as the chemical formula for such batteries is LiPF6. This is an environmental impact statement of a 10 acre tract that they propose using at the Metropolis plant for the purpose of creating these lithium hexafluorophosphate batteries (on file at the the DOE website accessed today January 30, 2012) Environmental impact study on the site
So, is this the something electrifying that was in the ads in our papers for the last two weeks or not?


  1. Late breaking information has just become available to me-- Stone and Webster/Shaw is looking at the plans for said plant, Murtco out of Paducah is on siteplus Honeywell's 'land man' from the corporate office was down last week checking on the taxes or some such drivel.

  2. I realize now that my html is a lil screwy atm, I am trying to fix it, please bare with me

  3. nice idea.. thanks for sharing.