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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The First EV Taxi Fleet to Launch in US

That's correct, you read that headline correctly. The Electric Vehicle Taxicab Company, an Arlington, VA startup is bringing EV's (electric vehicles) to the forefront. And, there are more benefits offered by their plans as they plan to offer free charging to other owners of EV's! And you can see an example of what they plan to run right here:

Now this startup could go a long way in fostering the EV market. But most importantly, it may also help to shed the long held belief that EV's wont make it as far as petroleum powered vehicles will. It has been a long held belief that most people in our country today that suffer from the 'range anxiety', but there is no basis for their belied at all!

This market is also achieved by Green Cab of Madison, WI, as they too have EV cabs up there. And you can see the whole story here for yourselves. 9.16%2BPM.png" alt="Russia's hidden artic nightmare which shows how polluted the landscape is up there, largely because big oil has polluted it so badly"

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